Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sharing of blog posts

Holy cow there have been some wonderfully helpful (to me anyway) blog posts this week. Just in case you have not stumbled upon them yet, I want to share them with you.

The Snowflake Principle of Writing
The Art of War for Writers
How to make your prose sing
Showing vs. Telling--at the movies
3-D Character Development

I know there were many more, but these are the ones I read today. All very helpful for me. Today.

Short Journal Entry
Last night my wonderful husband let me run away. It had been a long day, a long week really, and no writing to speak of. I was sad, tired and emotionally drained. To borrow a phrase from The Book Thief, "What (I) needed at this point in time was a victory."

After dinner, I jokingly commented, "I'm ready to run away."
"That would be OK if you bring me a Frosty when you come home." His amber eyes twinkled as his lips curled into a sly little smile.
I was running up the stairs for my notebook and shoes before he could change his mind.

I drove to the library for the second time that day. Earlier I had hoped for my sceduled thirty minute write or die session while my three year old went to his class. Unfortunately, he did not pay attention during the trip to the bathroom and dribbled pee all over the back of his pants. Goodbye writing time. All the way home we discussed the need for him to start standing. Enough said on that subject.

Anyway, I was able to sit in a dark corner and just breathe for a while. Then I started writing. I did not work on either of my WIP. Instead I freewrote another idea that has been floating around in my head. I tried to write it down once before but the result was unsatisfactory. This time I changed my approach and suddenly it worked. I'm very excited about it and hope to share it with you soon.

Thanks Hon!

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  1. Hi Charity! Thanks for the shout out! There are so many good writing blogs out there. I find myself reading blogs more than I am writing these days...and that's not so good! :) Here's to the writing journey and all the fun along the way! Cheers!


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