Monday, March 22, 2010

Murder Blogfest!

Yay, another blogfest to test our writing skills. I like these because it makes me think about something I would not normally write. Head over to Anne Riley's Blog to read the details and sign up on Mr. Linky. The entries will be posted on April 10th.

I know I have a few friends who write and haunt my blog without commenting or following on the side. I want to challenge you to write a scene for this blogfest even if you don't post it anywhere. It is good practice and all in fun.


  1. I'm intrigued and can't wait to check out the link! Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the link!I'm very tempted to join you guys on the blogfest.... It is all fun after all

  3. Lol! Come on Mia, I know how you love a blogfest. How many are you signed up for right now? What's one more?

    I need to decide what I'm going to write. I have some ideas floating around. Can't wait to read everyone's posts.

  4. Haha, yah I do like me some blogfests (you know me well!)

    I can't remember me being signed for anything right now but who knows? I enjoy them so much it's hard to keep track!

    Yes, I do believe I will be joining you on this one ... :~D


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