Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Follows

Ok, I couldn't stay away and I'm saving the post I wrote for today so I can post this one instead.

There have been some wonderful blog posts this week. I follow so many that I can't comment on all of them. I log into google reader and see 84 new posts and think *ack*. I admit, I scan a lot, but sometimes a post strikes me and I click the link to comment. Here are a few posts that I found very helpful this week.

The WriteRunner posted on Conflict. It was on my mind last week.

Slushpile Avalanche posted a great one on the question: When is my story ready to submit?

Write Big posted ways to create great villains.

Courtney Reese posted a great one on finding a critique group and why it is important to join one. 

Elana Johnson posted ways to make our blogs more successful and reader friendly. My goal is to work on the short and sweet.

Roz Morris at Dirtywhitecandy wrote about writing retreats when you fall out of sorts with your WIP. Great links too. 

Also, thank you and welcome to all the new followers! I am trying to visit everyone's sight and return the favor. If I've missed you, feel free to leave a message with a link to your site so I can check you out. It doesn't always show a link to your site when I click on your follower icon.

Looks like I will be posting a dance clip soon, since that is what received the most votes on my "What to do when I hit 100 followers poll." Do a little dance. Really? Ok, you asked for it.


  1. Thanks for the great links.

    Have a great weekend!

    *runs off to check out links*

  2. I look forward to the dance. Wear a tutu.

  3. Yes! I demaned a tutu as well. Excellent ideas Christi.

  4. Charity, Great blog! I'll be following your writing journey! KarenG

  5. I don't have a tutu :( We may have to have a poll. Dance as: a pirate, an OZ munchkin, in a formal, with all my clothes inside out? Hmmm, wonder where I could find a tutu...

    Thanks KarenG! I love the idea behind your Farm Girl book. I would like to write my grandmother's story one day so I've started saving information. It is hard though because I don't live close to her and have to beg family to go record interviews with her. *sigh*

  6. Great links! :~D

    I vote inside out clothing I think, pirate sounds good but difficult to organise...

  7. I have a piratey outfit from camp last year, so that's not a problem. I need to come up with an OZ themed costume for camp this year, so I need to do that anyway.

    And the tutu just sounds fun! Inside out is the easiest. We have some great thrift stores here, so the possibilities are endless.

  8. Thanks for all the links!!! I love meeting bloggers who write!

  9. New followers! One step closer to that dance video! Can't wait!

  10. Yes, looking forward to the dance as well. Tutu is a must as is a boa. :D

  11. Hey Charity, I an new to your blog. I was almost your 100th follower - darn! Thanks for the links - I will check them out!


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