Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Follows

Yay, we have people signing up for the Baking Blogfest! I can't wait to read your scenes. Don't forget that Lilah is hosting the Last Lines Blogfest the same day. And, April 24th is Harley's Body Language Blogfest. My post is almost ready to go because I will be running a half marathon that day.

And now, for the reason you are here. The collection of posts I enjoyed over the last week.

Krista V posted the statistics of her query journey. Fascinating, just fascinating. A good look to help know what to expect time wise for replies when querying.

Kristie Cook wrote about her experience at a recent book fair, and offered some great suggestions for how to make our tables more know, when not if, we get so lucky.

Samuel Park posted a great one titled What you 'be' vs. what you 'do' . It reminded me of one of my earliest posts on this blog about Believing the Label. Beware, it is long, but the best part is toward the bottom.

Simon C. Larter wrote a post titled Feel big or go home discussing how to write about feelings. I loved this post because I could relate to it. Every word.

Jody Hedlund shares 8 tips for organizing writing time

In case you don't follow Query Blog they announced another upcoming agent judged contest. This time it is for YA and MG books. On April 24th, you log into query tracker and submit your 1 line pitch for a chance to win (well, I don't know, it didn't say), but check it out.


  1. Thanks for all the links...I missed a bunch of these because of editing craziness...:(

  2. All these blogfests! My goodness, how do you keep up?

  3. I think blogfests have become my preferred method of procrastination. It is easier to rationalize not revising my wip if I'm writing something else.

    Someone, kick me and make me get back to work!

  4. Great links and YAY for blogfest procrastination!

    I'm off to catch up on all of them now :~D

    (tried to comment yesterday but the internet wouldn't let me)

  5. Thank you for the mention, good lady. I'm glad my post resonated for you. *bows with a flourish*


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