Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

This year's theme for camp is "follow the yellow brick road." While I'm having fun hiking, swimming, singing, dancing and crafting with the people who keep me young, enjoy these fun tunes.

Link to Warner Brothers and Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Voting has closed, and America got it wrong that year. I'm just sayin'. She later recorded this and it is beautiful.

And whenever I think of Rainbows, I think of Rain. I love rain, and here is one of my favorite bands singing about it.


  1. I do love breaking benjamin.

    Have fun staying young!


  2. WOW. These songs are great. I especially love the breaking benjamin one!

    You are so knowledgable on music, Charity.


  3. Breaking Benjamin is awesome! And Mia, I just know what I like. Glad to share with you.


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