Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Follows

These are posts I starred last Friday--after posting Friday Follows. Now, I know when I come home my google reader is going to be over flowing. My guess is I'll just mark them all as read and start from scratch. This means I'm going to miss some great posts from this week.

Help me out and post your favorite post from the week in the comments. Thanks!

Your Story's Climax, Make it Satisfying from Critique_This_WIP

Managing Expectations by Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent. She also covered that question on What is Writer's Voice?

Writing a series? Guide to Literary Agents posted some Tips on how to do it.

Bryan blogged about why we need agents as he talked about the Literary Agent Controversy.

Kelly Bryson talks about making every detail a Slave to the Story.

And finally, KM Weiland is still teaching me things I NEED to know and be DOING. She blogged about 6 Reasons a Premise Sentence Strengthens Your Story. I'm going to do this for my new WIP, as soon as I get back. :)


  1. Thanks for the links. The one from Critque_This_Wip was great!

  2. Great idea, Charity -- and thanks for visiting!


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