Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holy 200 Followers Batman!

I just peeked in and noticed that I now have 200 followers! You guys are awesome and I hope you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you. Especially, my frequent commenters. I'll have to plan something special for you guys.

Look what showed up in my mailbox on Friday.
Now I can finally make that trip over to to see who gets the second copy. I started reading mine this weekend (I'm on chapter 25 now) and am enjoying it. I'll do a review soon. If you haven't signed up yet for a chance to get this book free, click here and read Lori's interview and sign up. I'll do the draw on Wednesday.

This week I'll get back into posting on writing related topics and working toward publication. Thanks for being patient with me during the crazy summer months when it was more journaling than writing. To kick things off, get a load of this.

My hubby got a new desk and I moved the smaller one downstairs for my use. What do you think? I love having a permanent home for writing. Here's to hoping for new levels of production.

Tomorrow I talk about preparing the e-mail query. It's scheduled, so come by when you get a chance, but I hope you enjoy your Labor Day! I know I will.


  1. Congrats -- on both the 200 followers and the beautiful writing nook. I read your post from a couple months back when your story was accepted by 365 Tomorrows, and having experienced the same this weekend, I could easily relate to those two voices that were going on in your head at the time!

  2. Congratulations and glad you have your own personal space now.

  3. *hugs* Yay for 200 followers! It's so awesome you have a space just for writing, near windows too. I hope there are inspiring views.

    Also, I love you for the TITLE of this post. You're a woman of my own heart. LOL.


  4. Ah, a dedicated writing space... I lost mine to the upcoming baby, due in November. The office is now Little Man's nursery.

    I'm on the couch these days, and there's no place I'd rather be.

    - Eric


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