Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here's some resource and procrastination linkage for nano

The picture of me in the highlighter shirt somehow got deleted from my camera. But, I think the kick-off party was a success! Over 30 people showed up and I loved that everyone was enthusiastic and dedicated to giving 50k in 30 days a shot. Good luck everyone and happy writing!

Starting tomorrow, my posts will probably be really short and consist of word count and whatever random thing enters my head. There will be some posts on the writing process, pep talk style, and then I'll get back to regularly scheduled posts in December. December will see a short break in writing related material until January starts heavy editing posts. Those will eventually progress to finding critique groups to writing synopsis, query letters, researching and finding that agent. See, for me thinking about my nano region is a year round event!

I sent this list of resource links to my region and thought I'd share them with you as well. Even if you're not doing Nano, these are some of my favorite places to hang out when I need to push past a block. Or just procrastinate. :D

Great Resource Links:

Write or Die, a great way to shut off the inner editor and just write.

Writing Prompts—found on where they have over 500 prompts! is a name generator for almost everything. is a wiki about the tricks of the trade for writing fiction. is the site where science meets fiction. is one I just found and will be browsing in Nov. is a step by step guide to writing your first fantasy novel. will give you a word and you write about it for 60 seconds.

The Bookshelf Muse has an emotions thesaurus to help you show not tell. has a new 600 word story each day.  Wherein the founder of American Night Writers Association and a few of her friends, blog about Life, the Universe, and their place in the World of Writing and Publishing

Find music to fit the mood of your book at Pandoraw

Vision a Resource for Writers:

Don’t forget the great forums on the nano site as well.


  1. Thanks for the links.

    And I really doubt that photo was deleted by accident. Can't say I blame you though!

  2. now why did i read this? i don't need one more thing to distract me. happy nano-ing.

  3. Can't wait! Less than 6 hours for us. :D

  4. Here's wishing you break a leg (or should that be finger?) and those links are very useful even though I'm not doing NaNo.

  5. Thanks for all the linkage! I'll be sure to check it all out.


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