Friday, October 22, 2010

Supportive Commenters

I thought of a great post for today before bed last night. Did I write it down? Nope. Do I remember it? Nope. *shrugs* Oh, well. There is something else I've been meaning to do for a while. I want to tell all of you, my faithful followers who keep coming back to read my rambles...

I know you don't have to come here, and often you might be disappointed. And yet, here you come just to see what craziness I'm up to, and I appreciate it. Google Analytics tells me that 42% of you are returning readers!

What's more, there are a few of you who comment regularly to let me know you were here. This makes me feel like I didn't completely waste my time trying to think of a post. Today I solute you, the commenters who brighten my day on a regular basis.
11. Mia
16. Jen M
23. Laurel

I know I probably missed some of you, and I'm sorry! But check out these awesome people! They all have great blogs with lots of great writerly information, and good plain fun.


  1. I am so grateful to everyone who shares their time with me, and the comments some leave are a great bonus. Here's to all readers who make the blog world go round. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  2. Woohoo! #4, baby!

    I only read blogs that broaden me, and look first at topic, and then at blogger.

    So the point is this: You're posting up good topics. It's not so much that it's your site -- which is good and all -- but your posts are useful and meaningful to me.

    So THANK YOU for posting up things that don't suck!

    - Eric

  3. Thanks so much, Charity! I'll have to go check out the handful of these lovely folks I don't already follow.

    BTW, I'm giving away a cute easy reader about trick-or-treating poodles at my site. Your kids would love it. :-)

  4. What an awesome idea to award those who leave comments! I love that because each person who comments means so much to us bloggers. I'm off to check them out!

  5. Oh how I can relate to your first paragraph! LOL
    Eric’s post made me laugh too.

  6. LOL, see even when I say THANK YOU, you make comments that make me feel good.

    Eric you rock! As do all the rest of you! But I'll try to keep not sucking if at all possible.

  7. Thank you, Charity! And I try to visit every time you post, no matter what you're saying.

  8. Congrats to you and all of the great bloggers mentioned! I'm off to check out their awesome blogs!

  9. Thanks for the mention, Charity. I've always thought that we have to stick together in this writing gig.


  10. Aw, thanks for noticing me :-) Sometimes even the blogosphere can feel lonely when no one chips in their two cents. (I know. I'm pretty bad at it ;-) )

  11. Thank you so much, I'm honored! And I'm so glad I found your blog over the summer, now I have it in my Google Reader and read your posts even when I don't have time to also comment.

    Spoiler -> Great minds!
    I actually have an awards post ready in my drafts that I'd like to give you too, but I'll publish it next week so it'll be closer to Halloween.

  12. Thanks for the mention! Hoorayness! You've taught me SO much about Nano-outlining etc, my M.L. was REALLY very impressed with how knowledgable I was already.



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