Wednesday, December 29, 2010

North Carolina High School Short Story Contest

I am so excited! For those of you who followed the link to the November Nanowrimo article in the Charlotte Observer, you learned that one of my favorite parts of being Municipal Liasion is encouraging teenagers on this writing journey. Brian Claspell is giving me a chance to continue doing that this spring.

He's starting a state wide high school short story contest, and has asked me to be a judge. I'm VERY excited! Here's the thing, we need to get the word out quickly since it is in April.

2011 “Imagination begins with you…” 
High School Short Story Contest (First Annual)

Contest Description: Short story, less than 1,500 words.
Prize: First Prize receives $50 and $50 to winner’s school library

If you are a high school teacher/staff/administrator or author in North Carolina, and you would like to help us spread the word, please email me at and I will put you in touch with Brian for the entry details and deadline as well as how to submit. 



  1. Yay for getting it all to come together! I'm a preschool teacher and an unpublished writer (soon to begin editing on first book), but if you'd like me to do a post, I'd be happy to.

    There are other bloggers her in NC who might also send out the word....

  2. Congratulations on being asked to be a judge! How fun! I hope you'll tell us all about it.

  3. Sounds like a great contest! Congrats on being chosen to judge. I hope you find the next Faulkner among your submissions! ;)


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