Friday, February 11, 2011


I've been busy cleaning all day. I haven't even thought about writing. Well, I did think about it, I just haven't had a chance to do it. Or to come up with a brilliant blog post for today.

Hey, stop laughing! I can pretend I'll find a brilliant post if I want to. ;)

Anyway, my daughter has a b-ball game tonight and then tomorrow will be busy with a long training run and then a Valentine's Dinner Dance. I can't wait! So, I'll see you Monday.

Until then, enjoy this mix of songs about being broken. I ran out of time to make it a "mix". What other songs do you like to listen to when your characters are broken?
Thanks to Elizabeth for leading me to this song.

This is a classic.

I HEART Breaking Benjamin.

And some crying songs...


  1. This is just me but if I'm writing a really emotional piece then I don't listen to any music because I don't want it to affect what my characters does. Unless, of course, the characters actually happen to be listening to music. Then I put on whatever the characters want.


  2. The song I selected for Chris Phillips' post last week, Stream of Passion's Street Spirit, is a very broken and moving piece.

  3. I've never actually had songs or playlists or anything like that for my characters. Usually, I'm ignoring whatever cartoon is on repeat for my kids. There's not much to draw from when you keep hearing, "I'm the mp." over and over again.

    I like the idea, though. Maybe when they are all in school?

  4. Music feeds my muse. I'm in a tense and action-packed section of my WIP, so I'm listening to movie soundtracks. They make me feel like throwing cars and fighting with a sword. And besides, I finally have my family trained that when I have my headphones on, and I'm typing, they are NOT TO DISTURB ME. If there's a fire, I'll smell smoke, right?

  5. The first thing I do before writing is create a playlist. Some of my favorite 'broken' songs:

    Breathe-Taylor Swift
    Paint it Black-The Rolling Stones

  6. Yay! I am so glad you liked "Broken" by Lifehouse. That song just gives me chills. "I tried my best to be guarded--I'm an open book instead." gets me Every. Single. Time.

    I loved "Anthem of the Angels"! I really enjoy Breaking Benjamin, specifically "I Will Not Bow" and "So Cold", so this will add to the collection nicely.


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