Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hone Your Skills Blogfest and Awards

First, don't forget about the blogfest. It's just one week from today! I'm really excited to read everyone's flash fiction pieces. I wanted to take a moment and remind you of a few things.

1. This is for fun first and foremost! (wow, say that five times fast--go alliteration!)
2. We want to give honest feedback to help you hone your short story skills so that if you want, you can polish the piece for possible submission. This is optional, so don't let it scare you off.
3. Rosie and I will come to everyone's blog to read and comment on your piece. If we have tons, we will split it up. We will pick our five favorites and post them one of our blogs for you to vote on. The winner will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up in Mr. Linky----> and spread the word.

Second, I've received a few blog awards in the last few weeks.

 From Beth Fred

All of these awards have a "list X number of things about you" thing. Here are seven things about me.
  • My dreams really stick with me. I have bizarre sci-fi dreams. Every dream sequence in Sendek? One of my own. I just changed the names. (Are you creeped out that I dream of the end of the world so often?) My Faerie Wings idea? A dream. All of my short stories including the one where aliens invade the earth by using gnat sized nanobots to wipe our brains clean and take possession of our bodies. Yeah, I have freaky cool dreams.
  • I have a love hate relationship with cake. I love to eat it. I love to bake it. I hate the mess. I hate the stress. Want to see some of my cakes? Check out Cakes from the Heart.
  • I'm going to die young unless I can learn to say no. I just like to make people happy and I enjoy helping. Unfortunately, I overload myself and then crash. This is why my writing is suffering right now. I'm so tired! I get these great ideas as I'm falling asleep, but I'm too tired to reach for my notebook and then I lose the ideas! Last night I had an idea on the way to choir practice. When I reached the church I wrote it down on the back of my sheet music. Now it's mine I tell you! Mine!
  • I secretly wish I was a professional Latin ballroom dancer. It just looks like so much fun! As a teen I wanted to do the Smooth division--you know dress and dance like a princess. Then, well, I changed my mind. Who wants to be a princess when you can be a hip swaying Latin diva? (Unfortunately, I have no rhythm.)
  • I met my hubby when I was twelve years old. Ten years later we married and have been together fifteen years this fall.
  • As a teen I lived in the woods without running water for five years. We had an outhouse and everything. Maybe that's why I don't camp very often?
  • Sometimes I miss quilting. I picked it up in college, but haven't made a quilt in years. Life is too busy. Maybe I need to make a quilt to help me slow down and refocus? It may sound like an old lady thing to do, but it's very therapeutic, and it makes me feel mathematically smart. 
Now to pass the awards on...I'm so bad at this! I know a lot of people have received these recently, so if you want one of the above take it. I'm going to list some of my new friends that you can go check out. All of them are award worthy. :)

Lynnette Labelle--who happens to be hosting a contest right now to win a critique. She is also offering a class in April on how to reel in your reader with your Hook, Line and Sinker. I signed up for it today, and she might have 4 or 5 more slots open.

Trisha over at WORD+STUFF

Catherine over at Words World and Wings is new to me, but I've enjoyed getting to know her.

Aimee Slater at Seeking the Write Life has an awesome post this week on how to develop your writer callouses.


    1. How very cool! I don't write flash myself, but I will post this on my blofest sidebar. Can't wait to read these!

    2. Wow, lots of awards! Congrats to you. Your sci-fi dreams sound COOL! I love quilting; I do it with my mom, who lives close by. I hope you get some down time (and writing time) soon. Happy Wednesday!

    3. Raquel, thanks! The more the merrier. Sure you don't want to give it a try, just for kicks?

      Thanks Carol! I hope I get some down time soon too. :) Of course, the dreams are probably a result of my crazy hectic life, so maybe being busy is worth it? LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

    4. I didn't know your secret Latin Dancer dreams. So, I assume you know the movie "Strictly Ballroom"? If not, try it!

    5. Congratulations on all the awards! Science fiction dreams - cool!

    6. Aw, thanks for the mention and congrats on all your awards!! :D

      I look forward to the Blogfest :)

    7. Congrats on your awards!
      And I'm looking forward to the blogfest! (which reminds me, probably a good idea to see what I'll post) :)

    8. Oh, I love quilting! I knit more than quilt (and don't do either very often), but they are great for stress relief. I hope you can find time at some point to get back to it.

      And I fully support anyone's dream (and right) to look like a princess! I'm a huge fan. I really hope you and your husband can take those dance lessons someday. :)

      Congrats on all your awards!


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