Monday, March 7, 2011

Second Crusader Group Shoutouts

Several people have already done this, and I think it's a great idea. Rachael Harrie's Second Crusade is well under way and I'm loving it! *cue McDonald's music* Do do do do dooo...

Anyway, I'm trying my best to follow everyone on twitter and as many blogs as I can. Realistically though, I know I'm going to be an epic fail on following everyone's blogs. I can follow, but I don't have enough time in the day to read all those blogs. So, I've set the goal to follow as many as I can, but concentrate on getting to know the people in my groups. Here they are:

Group 14 - Science Fiction / Fantasy

1. Dominic de Mattos (Writes of Passage) [Twitter] Fantasy, science fiction

2. Anica Grey (Butterfly Mind) [Twitter] Science-fiction, fantasy

3. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan (Sandra Ulbrich Almazan: Speculative Fiction Author) Science fiction, fantasy

4. Tony Benson (Fireside Park) Science fiction, fantasy (with a paranormal element)

5. The Golden Eagle (The Eagle's Aerial Perspective) Science fiction, fantasy, adventure/action, YA

6. Mlle Lizka (Laws of Gravity) Fantasy (with science fiction elements)

7.Chris Kelworth (The Kelworth Files) Science fiction, fantasy

8. Mercy (Have Mercy! Killer Reviews) [Twitter] Fantasy, science fiction

9. Rogue Mutt (Every Other Writer Has a Blog...Why Can't I?) Science fiction, fantasy

10. Me!

11. Gen Jordan (Living on Earth) Science fiction, fantasy, occasional fan-fiction

12. Pensheep (A Writerly Pensheep) [Twitter] Speculative fiction, literary fiction

13. K. Howard (Morike of the Chair) Science fiction, fantasy

14. Cindy Borgne (Dreamer's Perch) [Twitter] Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, inspirational

15. Michael Offutt (SLC Kismet) Science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, dark fantasy


Group 32 - New Adult/Crossover

1. Rebecca Enzor (StickyNoteStories) [Twitter] YA/New Adult, fantasy, magical realism

2. Kristal Lee (Romances Where Love is Magick) [Twitter] Contemporary paranormal romance

3. Cally Jackson (Cally Jackson) [Twitter] YA (contemporary fiction)

4. Lola Sharp (Sharp Pen/Dull Sword) [Twitter] Adult fiction (mainstream), YA (urban fantasy and dystopian)

5. Rachel Morgan (Rachel Morgan Writes) [Twitter] YA (fantasy, paranormal romance)

6. Alexis (Kore Averna) YA (fantasy - characters are a little older than traditional YA, dystopia)

7. Gina Blechman (Kaleidescope Thoughts: Life, Love, and Dystopia), YA (dystopian), erotic fiction (lesbian/bisexual romance, realistic)

8. Me!


  1. Great shout out. Love the presentation :O)

  2. I really wish I could have got involved with this :(.
    But awesome shout out ;).

  3. I follow some of those science fiction writers, but could always use more genre support!

  4. Thanks Madeleine, I prefer the visual approach.

    Beth, you can still go to Rachael's blog and look through the groups. Pick the ones that fit your writing and follow them. I bet if you introduce yourself a lot of them will follow back. It won't be "official" but you can still enjoy the benefits.

    Alex, I'm right there with you on support from our genre.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Charity! :) I totally love our group. We have such great people!

  6. Oh, lots of people I donno yet! Thanks Charity!

  7. So glad you're enjoying the Crusade Charity :) Great shout-out!



  8. Nicely presented, Charity. A cool bunch of people too, although I'm biassed of course :-)

  9. Hello, there! We'll have fun in our crusader group together =)

    There's a One Lovely Blog award waiting for you, because I do believe your blog deserves it. Here you go!

  10. Hey Charity, if you have a chance, stop by my blog today. I have something waiting for you there :)

  11. I think we have a pretty awesome group too!

    Thanks jys and Rosie, heading your way now.

  12. Awesome shout out! I think I may have to steal your presentation. You know what they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. ;-)


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