Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Follows

It's been a while and I have quite a stash of awesome blog posts saved in my google reader. Here are a few that you might enjoy.

Absolute MUST read on 6 Things You Need to Know About WAS. Excellent post on how it is used as an active (but boring) verb and as a passive verb. 

What's the best way to move from writer to published author? Keep learning and increasing your writing skills. Jody Hedlund shares 5 Foundational Areas to Focus on for Intentional Growth.

Having trouble finishing that first draft? Maybe you're bogged down with things you shouldn't be worrying about. Janice Hardy tells us It's a Start: What Not to Worry About in a First Draft.

Did you know there are 3 Traits Your Hero and Villain Should Share? K.M. Weiland tells us all about it.

This month I've been taking a class from Lynnette Labelle on how to hook a reader and keep them. She also shared ideas on How to Keep Readers Worried on her blog.

Carolyn Kaufman lays in on the line on In Brief: The Path to Publication. These 6 things will guide you down the path towards the goal of getting published.

Rachelle Gardner tells us What the Fiction Editor Looks For-- Part 1 and Part 2.


  1. Thanks for all the great links, Charity. I definitely have to check out Janice's post on drafting--I tend to obsess and over edit, so I hope she has help!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Some great links! Have a great weekend, Charity.

  3. I was watching the royal wedding highlights for the fifth time and decided to come here and read up on what was going on.

    C whut I did thar? lololol

  4. Michael, sorry to disappoint you. I haven't even looked up stuff about the wedding on youtube yet. The only thing I really want to see is the cake. I heard it cost $80K and I want to see if it was something I could have done. :)

  5. Fantastic links, Charity. Especially the one about that pesky 'was'! :-)

  6. Thanks for the links. I'm especially interested in the 3 traits a hero and villain should share.

  7. Ohhh. The 3 traits one is excellent! Thanks for the links, Charity!

    <3 <3 <3


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