Monday, September 19, 2011

Follower/Commenter Shout Outs

Two weeks ago I started a little get to know you game HERE. There is still time to leave a comment and ask any question you want, be it about reading, writing, me, whatever. I've loved the questions so far, so keep them coming.

There were a few people who stopped by to play but didn't ask a question. They are some of my best blogging buddies. They show up and comment on a regular basis and have great blogs of their own. Since I'm highlighting bloggers as I answer their questions, I wanted to take today to highlight those who didn't ask a question.

Alex J. Cavanaugh blogs and already has a book out. CassaStar earned him this excellent review from Library Journal:
"...calls to mind the youthful focus of Robert Heinlein’s early military sf..."
Isn't that amazing! CassaStar is in my list of to reads and getting closer! The second book in the series, CassaFire, comes out the end of February, 2012.
Will there be more Alex? If so I may want to wait a little longer before reading. ;) I like to read all my series in one go. I'm so not patient. LOL.

E. Arroyo blogs at Chandara Writes. She's taking part in Rachel Harrie's Campaign tour right now, so hopefully you've all found her. Her goal is to find that agent, and I hope she does! She writes Fantasy/Science Fiction-YA Contemporary Dystopian and horror. There's a girl after my own heart.

She's also been a beta reader for me and still comes back to my blog! It's nice to know I haven't put her into a coma...yet. *_* I discovered that I wasn't following E back! I've since fixed that. I think its because I didn't know Chandara was E. *eye waggle* This isn't the first time I've confused friends with real names and blogger names. (cough, Huntress, cough, cough).

Then there's Michael. OMGosh what can I say about him? He blogs over at SLC Kismet and makes me laugh at things I probably shouldn't. He's also been known to email slap me when I need it. He's got a wicked sense of humor and leans toward the snarky side of things.

His debut sci fi book Slipstream comes out sometime in 2013, courtesy of Double Dragon Publishing. Follow the link to learn more about it and congratulate him.

And last for today, but certainly never last, is Brooke R. Busse from Paper Mountain. If you've been around the blogosphere even a little you've probably seen her comments on lots of blogs. This girl is going places, let me tell you. For someone so young she has it all together. If I was that focused at her age I would have been JK Rowling. No joke! She'll show us all. I love her enthusiasm and the fact she is not intimidated by all us older folks. I've learned a lot from her.

I have more followers to highlight and questions to answer, but would love for you to comment and add yourself to the queue. Remember, it's all about you now. Let me know if you would be interested in guest posting or being interviewed for the blog.

PS, Holly, never fear I'm turning your "I love posts that talk about the craft of writing" into a blog post and will highlight you then. You didn't think I'd forget about you did you?


  1. Thanks for the shout out Mrs. Bradford. :) I bought Alex's book last night and started reading it. I really like it thus far (two chapters in).

  2. Ah, you made me smile this morning, Charity. Thank you. Let's hope I have enough enthusiasm to carry this giant bookbag to school, shall we?

  3. Wow! Thanks so much, Charity. Sorry I'm not nosier or I would've asked a question. Really hope you enjoy my book when you get to it. Thank you!
    And Michael - thanks!


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