Sunday, September 25, 2011

Janice Hardy critiqued my first page on her Real Life Diagnostics yesterday. Oh, and I got to meet her at her early book release party yesterday too. It was AWESOME! She's going to do an interview for me in celebration of her third book Darkfall, available to all on October 4th.

Full story and pics tomorrow, but until then go check out Janice and weigh in on my selection. She totally confirmed some thoughts I had mulling around in my head. Now to figure out how to fix it...


  1. I went forth and read Janice's critique--very nice! And your excerpt was lovely, great start. Have fun with the figuring of the fixing! :)

  2. J.K. Rowling has said that you are never done editing a novel. I'm just saying that a person that puts a single page under a microscope like this author could do the same with books that have sold millions of copies. I'm glad though that she pointed out that the cold seeping through the blouse might cause you to ache after you shiver. It's a scientific/medical analysis that I just couldn't live another day without knowing and has caused me to lose sleep every time I think about it. When I come across stuff like that in a's a TOTAL dealbreaker.

  3. Charity, I truly admire your courage and persistence, putting your work up for critique again and again.

    The critique definitely has some good points, but I agree with Michael - your first page will never be 'perfect' in everyone's eyes. So make sure you go with what feels right for you. :-)


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