Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weigh in with your thoughts

I finally made it into one of Miss Snark's Secret Agent contests. My first 250 words are now up waiting for comments and critiques.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.
October Secret Agent #30


  1. Oh! I didn't realize that was your story. It was my favorite of of all I read. I meant everything I said in the comments. Very best of luck to you. (I'm at #16...if you wanted a direction).

    Did you get your entry submitted in time to the Baker's Dozen yesterday, too?

  2. Very good! Was this on Janice Hardy's Real Life Diagnostics too?

  3. Validation seeking is all this is. You won't get it from the comments. Nine out of ten people that visit those blogs are bitter because they are unagented and believe that perfection is the only way they will ever attain this goal. To seek out perfection, they will rip apart anything that stands before them just like lobsters in a basket. You will be pulled into the muck which is where they want you to be. I'm not even going to look. Seriously. I already can tell you what they will say. Pre-packaged comments like...

    "I'm so confused about this..." and blah blah ramble ramble on about some stupid fucking punctuation error or nitpick over some detail that they don't like because in their minds...they could write better.

    Best of luck.

  4. Michelle, yes! Do you like the changes? Janice's suggestions led me to this new version of my beginning.

    Loralie, I loved your entry, and left a longish comment for you. :) I did make it into the Baker's Dozen. Wonder if my style will make the cut. I've heard Authoress likes a very specific niche. It was worth the try anyway. 16 Agents!

    Michael, you crack me up with your prophetic honesty. ;)

  5. The changes make it much better. I don't think this beginning would take much more tweaking at all. :)


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