Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Winners!

Today is the day I announce the winners of my part of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and Blog Hop. 
Eight Maids a Milking--I hope you 'milked' this giveaway for all it was worth.

First, I want to thank Sarah Belliston for including me in the Blog Hop. It was a lot of fun meeting new people, and this was the perfect way to celebrate my three year bloggerversary. 

Yep, tomorrow, December 21st marks the end of two years of blogging. I feel like I've learned so much from the writing community, and I look forward to what 2012 might bring. 
*fingers crossed*

And now, let's get to it.

The winner of the $15 Amazon Gift Card is...
 Which translates to Athena Russell!

The first winner of a 1st chapter critique is...
 Which translates to laughingwolf!

And the second winner of a first chapter critique is...
Which translates to Erica McFarland!

Winners of the first chapter critiques should email their first chapter to me at charity.bradford@gmail.com.
Athena, your gift card will come to the email address you provided for the contest.


  1. Oh wow...that's awesome. Yay for the winners. I'll go congratulate Laughing Wolf on one of the twenty posts they make in a day.


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