Wednesday, December 7, 2011

QuickFire Notes

I'm supposed to post today, but I'm participating in a blogfest/contest tomorrow instead. Please come back and read the new "first 250" of my Nano project.

Other Newsworthy Notes:

1. I have 50 entries for the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and Blogfest! That means there are now three prizes up for grabs:
1--$15 Amazon Gift Card
2--First Chapter Critique
3--First Chapter Critique
And there is still time to enter. So...if we hit 75 entries, I'll add a query critique to the list of prizes. Since that's  not an option on the form, everyone will be eligible for it.

2. I'm posting over at Unicorn Bell this week and we are talking about finding and developing your character's voice. Step on over and join in.

Monday's Post--Finding Your Characters Voice
Tuesday's Post--The Problem With Accents

3. I wanted to welcome my new followers by name, but ---> my follower list isn't updating. The number is going up, but no new pictures have shown up for about a month. There are about ten of you.
I want to return the favor and visit/follow your blog. But I can't see you. Please leave a comment below and I'll follow that link to find you. Thanks!


  1. Sometimes the google friend connect thing goes through phases where it works and doesn't work. I stopped looking at mine because all that matters really are pageviews.

  2. My follower gadget works and then it doesn't. As long as the numbers go up, I'm happy, but I would love to know who my new followers are too!

  3. Oh no, dumb Blogger! Hope your followers are updated eventually. Sometimes mine doesn't show up at ALL for a few days. (I hate it when that happens.) Your blogfest prizes sound great!!


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