Monday, December 26, 2011

Repost--My First Nano

Originally Posted December 29, 2009 as part of the birth of this blog.

It was October 28, 2008. Lanna had just introduced me to Nano and I decided that I had to do it. I didn't have an outline ready, but I had that old manuscript that needed to be completely re-written to fit the new MC. Talia was ready to show me what she could do, so I went to the website and signed up for the challenge.

I didn't read the forums very often or participate in any of the online community aspects during my first year. There wasn't enough time for that. I was completely engrossed in my novel.

With my inner editor successfully locked away, Talia started doing things that Elyzbeth had not even dreamed of. I let go of all my worries and allowed myself to enjoy the story that unfolded over the month. As my word count grew and the days flew by, I found myself happier than I had ever been and my writing improved.

My family made due with hot dogs and mac and cheese and hoped the month would be over soon. Any time we were in the car for more than thirty minutes, I scribbled in notebooks while my hubby listened to his Ipod. Thanksgiving came and we drove the eight hours to be with family--this time I took my hubby's laptop. I wrote the entire time there and reached my 50K goal and kept going. My new goal was to learn how the story ended.

I had to take a break during the actual visit, but once we were driving home again I immersed myself in Talia's world in a race to the end. I found my ending and it was so satisfying that I wanted to cry for joy. My final word count was just over 60K, but what made me the happiest was the sense of relief and hope that had moved into my heart. I finally had something worth working on.

There were still questions that needed answering, a lot of why's and some details to fill in, but the bones were all there. Twenty four years had passed since CJ and I planned to write a book. It was no where near ready for publication, but I had finally written my first novel from beginning to end.

And it didn't make me want to throw up.


  1. That first NaNo victory is always the best!

  2. This was so cool to read, to experince that NaNo thrill ride with you in a shortened version.


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