Friday, May 11, 2012

Don't Break the Chain--Thank you CharlieIsSocoolLike

Earlier in the week I sat and enjoyed getting caught up on my Youtube subscriptions. (There's only one-but hey!)
Charlie McDonnell
Anyway, Charlie set a goal to post one video every day for one week of April. This was his way of getting out of a slump--YouTuber equivalent to writer's block--where he made a video, spent weeks editing it and then deleted it because he felt it wasn't good enough.

During one of those posts he talked about something he learned from the internet (which learned it from Seinfeld). Take a look...

So, thanks for the reminder Charlie! I've started marking X's on my calendar for writing. I must sit down and actually write for at least an hour every day. This doesn't mean I can't write for longer--just that it has to be at least an hour. And, no twitter or Facebook during that time. Writing. The kind that finishes books. This will include edits when I have them to work on.

I'll change that time limit in August when my kids go back to school, but until then, let's get some X's on the calendar.

Want to join me?

Oh, and look! I hit 500 followers yesterday. Now I only need 10 more Facebook "likes" before I can giveaway all those books and critiques! Click here to sign up.


  1. Congratulations on five hundred followers! As soon as I get through my blogfest on Monday, I'm diving back into writing. And one hour sounds reasonable.

  2. Wow! 500 is a big number :) And an hour seems totally doable!


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