Monday, June 25, 2012

Music for the Week

On Wednesday I'll be participating in the She Writes Southern Writers 4th of July Blog Tour. Yeah, that's a mouthful! You can see a list of the planned stops and links over on the right hand side-->

Until then, I wanted to share some music with you that's held me captive. Between the inspiration of the songs, and the hummingbird that's been visiting my front window, I'm working on Faerie Wings again!

This is Carter because he really screws up his first chance of making Ryanne like him.
Blake Shelton--Over

If the book were a movie, this would be the end credit song. I'm actually thinking of changing the name of the book to this--Fade Into Me. Colors or auras play a part in this novel.
David Cook--Fade Into Me

And I just love this song.
Rascal Flats--Wake Me Up


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