Friday, December 28, 2012

Guest Post by Vanna Smythe

Characters in the Anniversary of the Veil Series and Me

Writers are often asked whether they base their characters on themselves. I wholly admit to doing so.  Though none of the characters in my fantasy series Anniversary of the Veil are exactly like me. When creating characters and formulating their reactions to the situations in the book, I look inward and discern how their individual personalities would react.

So who are these main characters, and how do they resemble me?

Protector Kae: He is the main character and, in my opinion, the one most like me (even if he is a guy ;)) So, Kae is honest, truthful and just, but he’s also self-assured, confused and not altogether averse to breaking the rules a little from time to time. As his whole world topples around him, and as he finds himself possessing strange magical abilities, Kae has some trouble making sense of it all and find balance again in all the new knowledge.

Princess Issa: She is a daydreamer, though always keeps a grasp on reality.  I’m like that too. Issa is also a little spoilt and a bit selfish, but she has a good heart and does, truly, want the best for everyone around her. She does also want the best for herself though.

Head Priest Rhaldan: He’s an old man with a poor sense of humor and very little humility. He is also very set in his ways and has a hard time adapting to change. In some ways that’s me too, though I don’t like to admit it. Especially since Rhaldan is the villain ;)

First Captain Entan: In the series, Entan goes through quite a crisis on a personal level. He struggles with the choice between obeying orders on the one hand, and doing what is right on the other. We’ve all been in a similar situation, and so have I.

Keeper Alet: Hers is a similar choice to Entan’s though Alet’s is even more dire.  Alet has spent many years training to become a soldier, and this, coupled with personal loss, has made her rather cold and distant. In the story, she is put in a situation where she must face her emotions again. She is probably least like me of all the characters, since I am almost rarely able to keep my emotions in check with cold reason. Though, sometimes, I succeed.

More about the Anniversary of the Veil series:

Protector (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 1) is available now from Amazon and Smashwords.
Decision Maker (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 2) is coming soon!

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  1. The book cover alone pulled me in.

  2. Yeah, cool cover.
    None of my characters are really like me. I have a couple things in common with my main character, but he is definitely NOT me.

  3. I follow Vanna! I've been meaning to get around to reading her books.

  4. The cover reveals the immediacy of conflict and intrigues me right away Plus, I'm a bit of an action junkie so I'm already imagining the sword fight lol!

    As writers, it can be fairly easy to leave traces of ourselves in our characters.


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