Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Magic Wakes Blog Tour Day 13 and Podcast #4

Day 13 Stops:

Sharon Bayliss--Why I Chose a Small Publisher
Amalia Dillin--The Mythology in The Magic Wakes

Please stop by and visit these wonderful women.

And now for Podcast #4--One of My Favorite Scenes

I don't think this is the best scene, but for some reason it's one of my favorites. Girls! We can't even tell why we like some things.


  1. Sharon's wasn't up yet, but visited Amalia.

  2. You have a very sweet voice. But...but...where is your southern drawl? No kidding, I'm a little discombobulated. Figured I'd hear an accent.
    Oh, well. Maybe I'm the one with the accent, Midwestern-style, LOL.

    1. LOL, I concentrated really hard on NOT drawling. I actually stopped several times to get a drink and that helped. My southerness becomes more apparent in the heat of summer. It's sheer laziness on my part to enunciate in the humidity.


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