Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Prince of Earth by Mike Robinson

There are two stops on my "extended" Blog Tour today. 
Janice Hardy is hosting me with a post where I discuss ways to start dealing with the pressure of expectations.
Misty Waters has interviewed me and is sharing a short excerpt from chapter 2 of The Magic Wakes.

Now, check out Mike Robinson's newest novel!


In 1988, young American traveler Quincy Redding is trekking across the misty terrain of the Scottish Highlands. She is destined for the infamous peak Ben MacDui, the summit of which soon finds her inexplicably debilitated and at the mercy of a malevolent entity. The book spans twenty years, alternately following Quincy in her 1988 ordeal in Scotland as well as Quincy in 2008, when, as an adult, she begins experiencing abnormalities that threaten her family and her life – phenomena that may be related to what happened all those years ago. As both older and younger Quincy learn more of their situation, and as their worlds further entwine, she becomes increasingly uncertain of the perceived temporality or reality of each period.


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