Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Survey #1

I'm still without a dedicated to my use computer. This means writing has been non-existent, but there have been some nice ideas rumbling around. In the meantime I'm getting caught up on my reading pile. Now I just need to sit down and write the reviews!

Reviews Coming before the end of the summer (like my vagueness?)
Candid by Michelle Pennington
Sora's Quest by T.L. Shreffler
A Feral Darkness by Doranna Durgin
Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn
CassaStorm by Alex Cavanaugh

Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction Volume 1 by a whole bunch of people :)
The Mythic Guide to Characters by Dr. Antonio Del Drago

And now for the summer survey question...

If you had a dragon, what color would it be and what power would it have?


  1. Sorry about your computer!
    Hey, I know one of those books...
    My dragon would be black (like a Ninja, of course) and he could teleport. Not an original idea, but if I can't have a Cosbolt that teleports, I'll take a dragon.

    1. Yes! Awesome Alex. A ninja dragon would be cool.

  2. I would have a sapphire blue dragon with telepathy and mind control powers. And like Alex's, he would be able to open portals to teleport. I think that's an essential power for a dragon, especially in my world.

  3. Dragons have to teleport without doubt. Mind control and telepathy are good powers too.

    I think it would be great to have a dragon that could change his color at will.

    Sorry you are still without a designated computer. Sucks!!

  4. "I'm still without a dedicated to my use computer."

    I have no idea what this statement means. But I'm blaming your pc. Have a great weekend, Charity. :)

  5. Jai stole my idea! So planned to say teleporting dragon. Well my dragon will be purple with shiny scales, she'll teleport and be able to shoot fire, ice and lightning. I know what not having a designated computer is like, I have to borrow one early in the mornings and on Saturday evenings.

  6. I want one of Anne McCaffrey's golds.

  7. Oh, my dragon would definitely be red and it would be able to read my mind. It would also be tempermental. I wouldn't want it to be, but I just know it would. Aren't dragons supposed to be cantankerous?

  8. If I had a dragon it wouldn't be mine, but rather akin to the dragons in the Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula LeGuin, a wise tricksy dragon who might or might not tell me what I want to know.


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