Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Soundtrack to Heaven's Core by Erika Lindsen

Like all good movies and video games, books have soundtracks. Sad part is, mostly only the author knows about them. Well, today I’d like to thank Ms. Charity for allowing me to invite you into a glimpse of what my new release, Heaven’s Core, soundtrack is like.

The first song that really drew me into the vibe was “Wicked” by Billy Talent. Certain lines really did it for me, like “We face this world alone. All they want is to break you…” That part really stood out to me. Although Hannibal is fighting in the Core and with a group of special ops guys, he feels alone, and most of the time, kills on his own. Overall though, I really liked the pace of the song. With the beat I can see Hannibal slashing away. And most of the lyrics really stand out to me. “Fallin’ from the mountain top. Rain is falling from the sky above.” Excellent stuff.

The next song, how could it not influence me? Shinedown’s Diamond eyes. “I’m on the front line, don’t worry I’ll be fine, the story is just beginning.” Exactly how Hannibal feels. Plus, it’s another slash them up song. But the way the singer made the words come alive really brought out Hannibal’s feelings and duty to the Core. Even the beginning speaking part gives me chills for Hannibal. “I am the ghost that hides in the night.” So true for my main guy.

The last song was from James Durbin. This is the epitome of Heaven’s Core. “What was love? Something that I just dreamed of. Somewhere in the corner of my heart. Rippin' and tearin' me apart. Oh, I was numb and had my demons, I lost hope, you gave me reason.” That is exactly the basis. Hannibal is alone, feels like nothing for what he’s done. Then he meets Tez and everything changes for him. I could go on and on with this song all day. You. Must. Check. It. Out.

So those are the three main songs for Heaven’s Core. If you’ve never heard of the artists, I highly recommend them. And the songs. Maybe picking up your copy and throwing on the songs would make a good day?

One lucky person who comments today will win a free copy of TYRAN'S THIRST. (Note it is an erotic short story so my LDS friends can just note not to include them ;)



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-Erika Lindsen
Author of paranormal romance TYRAN'S THIRST and sci-fi romance HEAVEN'S CORE


  1. Sounds like intriguing music. I love the cover art. It reminds me of Japanese animation (which I adore).

  2. The cover is amazing and your song choices seem to fit the story. Might I suggest Honest Mistake by The Bravery.

  3. Hey guys. It's Erika (this is my erotica pen name).

    First, thanks to Ms. Charity for allowing me to stop by.

    Michael, I've been watching tons of anime lately and wanted that feel for the cover, so I'm glad you like it and it came through.

    Sheena, I loved the Bravery when they first came out. Thanks for the suggestion!

    And Charity forgot to mention that one commenter today will win an eBook of Tyran's Thirst, my erotic vampire novella. And of course, you'll be entered to win the Grand Prize!

  4. Now we can set the proper mood for reading your book!

    1. It's available everywhere, so pick up your copy! Lots of action, some sweet romance and cyborgs. What's there not to like?

  5. Yes! Sorry about that Erica. Not having constant access to a computer is really driving me batty. I'm posting an update to the post right now.

  6. Hey, great idea! I never thought of putting a soundtrack to books. Although, now that I look back and think on it, all my manuscripts have some kind of music that has contributed to them. Food for thought- thanks Charity! Great post!

  7. I love the link between music and an author's story.


  8. Congrats to Sheena for winning TYRAN'S THIRST. And thanks to all who have commented. It's not too late for the rest of you. I'll be drawing for the grand prize Monday at noon (EST)


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