Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Disciple III Blog Tour

Today I'm pleased to have L. Blankenship on my blog to tell us a bit about the third installment of the Disciple Series. She's one of my awesome co-hosts over at Unicorn Bell. This month is her tour for the release of...

Take it away L!

I haven't interviewed any of my characters in a while, so I pulled Kate out of the middle of Disciple, Part III for these questions.

L: In Part II, you had to defend yourself against those who believed you weren't ready to serve as a wartime physician. Do you still think they were wrong in saying you didn't have the experience or the maturity?

Kate: (smiles tiredly, silently laughs) In truth, I don't know what might have prepared me for this, except for another siege. Not so far as the surgery goes -- the number of patients, the terrible wounds.

L: Your magical healing is limited by the kir (a personal energy supply) you have that day. Tell us how you stretch that as far as you can, when you're faced with dozens of soldiers with arrows in them.

Kate: The one thing kir must be used for is the cleansing charm. All else can be done with scalpels, needle and thread, and bandages -- so long as the arrow struck no vital organs. Once I've removed the arrow and stitched the wound, the cleansing charm will prevent fever and gangrene.

L: How do you control bleeding?

Kate: If the arrow struck an artery or vein, I must patch the hole with kir before too much blood is lost. Such men often do not survive the trip in the ambulance, though. Many of our wounded arrive dead or too far gone to save.

L: In the middle of all this… Kiefan. Anders. You fell in love with one but married the other.

Kate: And Kiefan swore he'd kill Anders if he touched me.

L: Being widowed by the war isn't --

Kate: He's my friend. He came to my aid when I would've been forced from serving here during the war. I've no wish to see him dead. (sighs) I see so many dead every day...

Kate, Kiefan and Anders are all on the front lines of this siege, so the danger's very real for them all.

Disciple, Part III
Kate fought for her place as a healer in the war’s front lines. Serving her homeland has been her goal since her magical gifts earned her a coveted apprenticeship with the kingdom’s greatest healer. She believes she’s prepared.

But nothing’s simple when defending a besieged capital city — or her heart.

She loves the prince, who means to protect her even though his duties as a knight keep him on the battlements, fighting the enemy’s monstrous army.

Kate’s husband is the one who checks on her, lingers over dinner, and slowly but surely charms her. She’s all too aware that her beloved prince threatened to kill him if he touches her.

As the enemy thunders against the city walls, the kingdom needs more from Kate than just her healing magic. All disciples must put aside their tangled feelings and stand in the homeland’s defense.

Kate believed she's ready for a war. She isn't.

On sale now! See the list of retailers.

Read a sample of Disciple, Part III • sample Part II • sample Part I

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  1. Congrats Blankenship and best of luck with your book tour.

  2. Sounds like a very interesting storyline going on there! :)

  3. Congratulations! Sounds very interesting.

  4. It is hard to do a series. It sounds like you are doing a great, fun job.

  5. Wow, that cover is so intense! Hats off to anyone who writes a series. It takes so much mental and emotional energy to make sure things line up and characters stay consistent!


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