Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Agent Week on Unicorn Bell

I mentioned this yesterday, but wanted to do so again. This is my week over at Unicorn Bell and I'm interviewing agents! Yep, in an effort to see that they are real people with real emotions, likes, dislikes, etc., I've asked a few questions of four ladies. I actually "queried" about 15 agents in the hopes of getting five of them to respond to my interview request. These ladies not only agreed to be interviewed, but they responded rather quickly. This is one of the reasons they are on my "to be queried" list for future novels.

Here is a quick run down of who I'm talking to this week and what they are looking for in manuscripts.

Tamar Rydzinski--Anything (fiction) well written for YA and up that has great characters, including graphic novels.

Katie Reed--A bit of everything! Commercial YA with real life teen issues, science fiction (soft) in adult and YA, fantasy (adult and YA), suspense-thriller, book club women's fiction, romance, memoirs, self-help, how-to's, inspirational, parenting.

Suzie Townsend--More romantic suspense in the New Adult genre and more magical realism in YA and middle grade. She tries to update her wishlist periodically here. She's open to fiction from middle grade through adult. Anything with great characters can really hook her.

Natialie Lakosil-- more adult (contemporary romance and NA, magical realism general fiction) and darker YA. Her specialties are children’s literature (from picture book through teen and New Adult), romance (contemporary and historical), cozy mystery/crime, upmarket women’s/general fiction and select children’s nonfiction. Her interests include historical, multi-cultural, magical realism, sci-fi/fantasy, gritty, thrilling and darker contemporary novels, middle grade with heart, and short, quirky or character-driven picture books. She is always drawn to an open and positive attitude in an author, professionalism, good grammar, and fantastical, beautifully written, engaging and sexy plots.

Make sure you stop in and ask your own questions. It's been quiet over there and I'd really like to make a good impression on these ladies who were gracious enough to respond.



  1. Sounds exciting, definitely heading over.

  2. I read, but the brain is mush tonight. (November is trying to kill me.) I can't come up with a good question. Yesterday's... You see what I mean about brain being mush.

  3. Great idea. I don't plan on going the agent route, but I always like to learn more about it just in case I do. Hope it works out for you!


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