Monday, November 4, 2013

The Light in the Gloaming by J.B. Simmons

Note: It's my week over at Unicorn Bell and I'm interview agents. Today it's Tamar Rydzinski.

Today I am delighted to introduce J.B. Simmons, an author whose debut novel has been grabbing five-star reviews. His book, Light in the Gloaming, is an epic tale that weaves light and dark, love and revenge, through a thrilling, character-driven world. You can learn more about J.B. by reading this intriguing author interview. On Friday, I will be posting an exciting excerpt from Light in the Gloaming, but for now, here is an overview:

No one escapes the Gloaming. The fallen prince survives in this secret and brutal exile. His betrayer, Tryst, imposes his will on the complex medieval city above. Tryst's two sisters have their own veiled motives: Ravien has ambitions exceeding her brother's; their half-sister Lorien wants vengeance for the disappeared prince she had hoped to marry. Alliances will crumble, battles will rage, and souls will transform in the Gloaming.

In the mold of A Game of Thrones, this epic adventure seeks a deep truth, a truth pursued by the likes of Nietzsche, C.S. Lewis, and Machiavelli.

What truth will the Gloaming reveal to you?

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  1. I know what deep truth CS Lewis was seeking. First I've heard of this book. Sounds good!

  2. Sound intriguing! Like the cover art also.

  3. I've never heard of C.S. Lewis and Neitsche being used in the same sentence. Especially since (I think) most people will have read one but not the other.

  4. Thanks for posting Charity!

    Michael, great insight about Lewis and Nietzsche. They are opposites in many ways, but their views spend too much time isolated from each other. My book makes them collide through intense characters. I hope you'll read and let me know what you think!


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