Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thoughts of the A to Z Challenge

It's that time again!! 

Click HERE to go sign up!

I've already picked my topic and am starting my research for the posts. Want to know what my topic is?

Well, you'll have to wait! 

Are you planning to participate this year? If so, do you share your topic before April 1st?


  1. Glad you're on board!
    I have my theme and I'm already working on my posts. Wasn't sure how I would top last year, but I came up with something cool. Will reveal right before the Challenge begins.

    1. This year I picked a topic that my kids can help me with. It's something we all love and that's making it more fun to put together. Can't wait to see what your topic is.

  2. I finally decided on my topic yesterday and made significant strides on my posts for the month!!! Yay:)

  3. I've been debating. I can so do what I did last year, and I even started making a plan. But I've got... No, I'm not going to find my syllabi and figure out how many things are due that month. But I seem to recall at least three papers.

    But then again, spring break is that month...

    Like I said, back and forth.

  4. I'm still thinking about it but I may get some inspiration...


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