Friday, February 28, 2014

The Playlist for FADE INTO ME

Next week I'll start working on the query and synopsis for FADE INTO ME while I wait to hear back from critique partners. I'll also return to critiquing the novels my friends sent me before my Muse took over the month of February.

Today I just want to share a few of the songs that I've listened to a thousand times while writing or editing FIM.

The first song that inspired parts of the plot was..."Fade Into Me" from This Loud Morning by David Cook

Focus on the line that says, "When we disappear into each other, our colors appear and bleed into one"

Once Caedmon (I think he'll keep this name) gets over himself, this becomes his song.
"Over" from Red River Blue by Blake Shelton

And just last week I heard this song and dropped everything to look it up and add it to the playlist. It seriously sounds like someone read my book and put Ryanne's story to song.
"You Hear a Song" by Cassadee Pope

If you want to check out the other music that kept me company, feel free to visit the playlist I made on Grooveshark.


  1. Love that Cassadee Pope song! I hadn't heard it before, but it is very fitting for your book!

  2. Grooveshark, eh? So many music sites out there. It's hard for a silence freak to keep up.


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