Monday, March 10, 2014

Drabble Contest over at Unicorn Bell

Today is the day!

As in, the last day to email your entry for the drabble contest I'm hosting on Unicorn Bell. All entries will be posted tomorrow for your comments and enjoyment. The moderators at UB will read, confer and pick our winner(s) by Friday of this week.

What is a drabble you ask?

A drabble is a complete story in only 100 words. For our contest I'm going to give you some specific words that you MUST use in that story. Here are the rules:
  • Email your drabble to unicornbellsubmissions @ gmail (dot) com with the subject line: Drabble Contest. Today is the LAST day I'll accept entries.
  • Your story must contain the words: fountain of youth, boots, triangle, nest, plethora 
I will post all entries tomorrow. The first and second place winners will get to pick between a query critique or first chapter critique!

Still not sure what a drabble might look and sound like? Here's one I did for Rachel Harrie's Campaign a few years back. (I don't remember what all the words were, but goldfish was one)


The goldfish bowl teetered on the edge of God’s knee. 
A shiny blue and white marble floated inside the blackness within the bowl. Billions lived their lives on the spinning orb unaware of those who watched. 
They toiled, strained and reached for more. There must be more. 
As their numbers strained the planet’s resources they ventured outward—out into the black void. 
And His kitty’s tail twitched. 
“Trust me, little humans. It’s much safer in there than out here.” He gently pushed the tiny space ship off the lip of the bowl and watched it fall back to earth.


  1. I like that! Very funny. And God's boundaries are always for our protection.

    1. :) Thanks! And it is true about God's boundaries. Wish more people realized that.

  2. I must admit this is the first time I've heard of a drabble. We truly can learn something new and wonderful each day :-)

  3. Oh shoot, I was going to do one for you, but I've run out of time. (Stupid classes! 4 papers due in two weeks. Grrrr!)

  4. That drabble was deep. I love the imagery. I heard of drabbles first through fan fiction. I wrote a whole story in drabbles for Danny Phantom. It was fun.


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