Saturday, April 19, 2014

Doctor Who--Q is for Qrotes!

Welcome to the A to Z blogging challenge! My theme is Doctor Who because its the topic my kids voted we do together. We're sticking with people, places, creatures, and episodes from the newer series starting with Christopher Eccleston's (#9) simply because we haven't watched all the Classics...yet.

You can find the list of other participants HERE. I'm #149.

Today I bring you Quote from Doctor Who! Source

Don’t Give Up
“You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away.”
— Rose Tyler, Season 1, Episode 13

We Were Fantastic
“Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you: you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I.”
— The Doctor, Season 1, Episode 13

Books are the Best Weapons
“You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!”
— The Doctor, Season 2, Episode 2

It’s the Person
“Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
— The Doctor, Season 3, Episode 6

The Universe's Been Waiting For Me!
"Because you two were just Time Lords, you dumbos. Lacking that little bit of human—that gut instinct that comes hand-in-hand with planet Earth. I can think of ideas you two couldn't dream up in a million years. Ah, the Universe's been waiting for me!"
-- Donna, Season 4, Episode 13

I'll Think of You
"No no. But every night, Doctor. When it gets dark, and the stars come out, I'll look up on her behalf. I'll look up at the sky. And think of you."
--Wilfred, Season 4, Episode 13

“Amy Pond, there’s something you’d better understand about me ‘cause it’s important, and one day your life may depend on it: I am definitely a mad man with a box!”
— The Doctor, Season 5, Episode 1

Be Alive
“Letting it get to you. You know what that’s called? Being alive. Best thing there is. Being alive right now is all that counts.”
— The Doctor, Season 6, Episode 4

A Hand to Hold
“There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.”
— The Doctor, Season 6, Episode 6

“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”
— The Doctor, Season 6, Episode 6

“In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important”
— The Doctor, Season 6, Christmas Special

So Much to See
“This is one corner… of one country, in one continent, on one planet that’s a corner of a galaxy that’s a corner of a universe that is forever growing and shrinking and creating and destroying and never remaining the same for a single millisecond. And there is so much, so much to see.”
— The Doctor, Season 7, Episode 4

Did any of those quotes speak to you? Which one and why?


  1. Ooooh...I really liked the 'Important' one. Isn't that the absolute truth?!

  2. I like the It's the Person quote best!

  3. Don’t Give Up
    “You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away.”
    — Rose Tyler, Season 1, Episode 13

    I love this. This is the stuff of heroes - having the guts to do what's right in the face of opposition.

    Quick visit here from A-Z

  4. I love Doctor Who quotes! Thanks for sharing all of these :)

  5. The important one hit me when I heard it the first time. And just now. We forget that, sometimes...

  6. I just RT'ed the Books quote on Twitter not ten minutes ago.

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

  7. I'll add my vote to the quote about people being important...that's something everyone should hear at least once in their life.

  8. First of all Charity may I extend my congratulations to you for keeping up your end of the bargain. I'm following about 15 blogs on the challenge, but only a couple are in sync with the letter and day.
    My favourite quote is 'Never give up' by Rose. Why? It's simple really, it's something I've lived by for most of my life. I was bullied in school. I was then bullied in military training ... but only once, because I totally lost it, won the day and never looked back. Since that day (45 years ago), I've occasionally came up against some pretty bad times, but I never give up.

  9. Books are the best weapon wins by far.


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