Thursday, April 24, 2014

Doctor Who--U is for U.N.I.T.

Welcome to the A to Z blogging challenge! My theme is Doctor Who because its the topic my kids voted we do together. We're sticking with people, places, creatures, and episodes from the newer series starting with Christopher Eccleston's (#9) simply because we haven't watched all the Classics...yet.

You can find the list of other participants HERE. I'm #149.

U.N.I.T.--This military organization has been around since classic Who. In some of those earlier generations, the Doctor actually worked with UNIT. There were times in the newer series that they were helpful, other times they seemed like pests. Martha worked for UNIT and that's where she got the Osterhagen Key.

(from the TARDIS Wiki) "The Unified Intelligence Taskforce — formerly known as the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, and more usually called UNIT — was a military organisation which operated under the auspices of the United Nations. Its remit was to investigate and combat paranormal and extraterrestrial threats to the Earth. UNIT was not the only alien defence organisation, but it was the one with which the Doctor had the closest personal involvement."

Universe (cracks in)--This was another favorite reoccurring theme with my kids. So m uch so that during a road trip one of them was looking at the cloud formation and pointed out the "crack." Another child screamed and yelled "Silence will fall! Beware the Silents." Then it got really good when she paused and said  as sweet as ever, "What were we talking about?"

My kids are awesome!

If  you're doing A to Z, what was your topic today?


  1. Similar to the United Nations? That's all you need to say...

  2. Dammit, I'm going to have come back after the A to Z and read all these...Doctor Who fan here, and A to Z competitor as well. Brill post.

  3. The Doctor was, and according to Day of the Doctor, a UNIT Scientific adviser.

    1. Yep, I believe that was all Classic Who though, so I'm sticking with his current involvement. I will eventually get around to watching the classics.

  4. Your kids are brilliant!

    It's Thursday, so I did a what if. And considering the comments I've gotten, I think it may have been a good one (for a change).

  5. Hi Charity, sorry I'm a bit behind schedule. I'll explain in a moment. This is another great post and confirms your place in my blogroll when this challenge ends. From about 17 blogs I've worked out that I would like to keep in touch with about 5 of them. I do already have others, but I'm a bit picky. lol
    What did I write about yesterday? My theme has been writing, and yesterday was 'use and update'.
    Why am I behind schedule? For this past week I've been working on the formatting of my latest eBook:


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