Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Many of you know the wonderful CD Coffelt. She's been one of my blogging buddies for four years now and I don't know what I'd do without her. Last week the second book in her Magic Withheld Series was released. You don't want to miss this one!

Mage Revealed
Book Two of The Magic Withheld series

Struck with enough malevolent Spirit to turn him into a raving beast of a man, Bert Reese fights to remain human. Alone, he walks a slender path between sanity and madness. Then, an unlikely source enters his life to help—one of the now-hated mages.

But Ashleigh is different and calms his butchered senses. Her fierce nature is the only rock that stands between him and the crevasse that is beast. In all ways, she walks beside him toward a new beginning. But at the end of their journey lies the one who used Spirit against him. Questions arise; did Tiarra, head of the Imperium, lose her magic, die, or simply give way to the new order? Or, like a spider, does she wait for a mage to blunder into her web?

Forced on him without a care for his humanity, Bert is the mage who should not exist, born with a different kind of magic.

And the gates of Hell are no match for the magic he wields.

Bert whirled her around, gripped in the circle of his arms. Ash squealed and laughed as her feet left the ground.

Still the lightning crashed, deafening and brilliant.

“So you’re a mage now. Full blown and no walls,” he said after setting her on her feet. He stepped back and released her to look her up and down as if assessing her. “I don’t see a difference. Just the same Ash as before.” He wrapped his arms around her tight and kissed her mightily.

Strange how close she seemed to him. Even when she broke from his grasp, it was as if he was still touching her.

Skertttt…boom. Boom. BOOM.

Three quick strikes hit the earth only missing the house.
Ash flinched. She held up one hand to the sky. “Ack. Okay, stop now. Stop. GAH.”

Another bolt arrowed into a maple tree. Sparks bloomed like a flower from the trunk.

“Stop,” Ash yelled. “Why can’t I control it?”

Fear shot through Bert. Why couldn’t she stop it? Wasn’t it hers to control?

He took a step. Then another and another until he stood in the grassy lawn in the open. He held up his shaking hands, limbs that quivered as if in palsy.

“Stop,” he murmured.

Deathly quiet reigned over the back yard of the McIntyres’ house. Ash licked her dry lips. After the second try, she finally spoke, her voice cracked and low in wonder.

“You’re a wizard.”

Bert stared at her like a man who had lost all hope.

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Find Wilder Mage and the sequel, Mage Revealed at Amazon.
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  1. She's awesome! Big congratulations to Carol.

  2. Thank you thank you for the shout out!
    (oh wait. what do I hear? is that Talia banging on your mind's door again?)
    Now get back to work!

  3. Goodness... Being unable to control your gift... That's just crazy scary.

    Unleashing the Dreamworld


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