Monday, November 17, 2014

A Weekend of Surprises!

The weekend was busy as always, but there were two surprises I'd like to share with you.

First, this showed up in my mail, totally unexpected.


As soon as I finish reading my batch of contest entries, I'll be reading this.

I also received an email from full of interview questions. This week I'll be one of their featured new authors in honor of Nanowrimo. The timing is perfect since they are also letting people know about my kickstarter project. There's only 11 days left and half the money to raise.

The first interview is up now. You can read it HERE.

There is also a review of The Magic Wakes up on their site.

Later this week they will review Stellar Cloud and post the other two sections of the interview. Stop by and leave me a comment or ask questions!


  1. Hey, my publisher sent you a review copy! Awesome.
    Thanks for the reminder - I need to read my contest entries. Crap!

    1. I love book surprises!

      The weekend was too busy for me to read and I'm heading in to sub now. I'll get mine read today and tomorrow. Good thing they are short and I can do one or two at a time.

  2. OH that is a nice surprise. I got a copy of Woven and did a squee myself. Been reading it and it's so good.

  3. Alex's book is a definite "good" surprise. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And thanks for the heads up for the other activities. I'll have to check out the first interview.

  4. @Michael, yay for new books!

    @Liz, yep. They're great for reading during free hour at school. :)

    @Angela, it sure was!

  5. How cool! (I still love how the ship looks like a freaking dragon.)


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