Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Almost there!

I've got lots of things happening today.

  1. There are 52 hours left in my kickstarter fundraiser and I am only $125ish away from reaching goal. If 10 more people pledge $12 to pre-order FADE INTO ME I'll make goal and this book will be out in the world early 2015.
  2. The judges are choosing their top 5 stories from the top 20 of 58 entries in the Bold New Worlds High School writing contest. Those winners will be announced next week.
  3. It's almost Thanksgiving so the baking has begun! We also put up decorations inside the house. I like it festive while we're eating ourselves into a coma. :)
Here's your last reminder to pledge before the kickstarter ends on Black Friday at 7:40 CST.


  1. You're so close. Do you have any fingernails left from sitting on the edge of your seat and gnawing on them while thinking "pleasepleaseplease"?

  2. So, you did get some entries for your contest. I wonder if that boy that I gave your flyer to actually sent a story in.

    Good luck with your Kickstarter.


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