Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bold New Worlds Contest Entries and other News

Woot! We did get entries for the high school short story contest at the last minute! 56 entries were received by the end of Monday night. All the stories have been put into a document with names removed and sent to the judges. In a few weeks we will have our winners!

And, I'm half way through my kickstarter project with 51%. I teeter between hopeful and pulling my hair out. I probably shouldn't have included every single thing I want to do in the final cost. Well, it's all a learning experience, right?

Here's the link again, JUST IN CASE you want to pre-order your own signed copy of FADE INTO ME by pledging $12.

1 comment:

  1. -sigh- I'm so sorry I didn't submit a story for your contest, Charity. The beginning of November was rough for me and I forgot. However, I'm very glad to hear about the entries you did get! Us high schoolers, we're big procrastinators. ;)


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