Monday, November 10, 2014


Last week I had guest posts on two blogs, but I forgot to mention them here.

First, I was at Amie McCraken's blog talking about why I love working with an editor. You can read that post HERE.

Next, I was over at Colleen Story's blog Writing and Wellness talking about how being a writer has affected my health and how I deal with that. Colleen has been amazing at posting "sound bites" from that interview on twitter. I'd read them and think, "wow, that's pretty deep."

Then I'd remember I said that! Somehow she really got me to open up and be very honest about some things I tend to hold in. For the most part I put forth a positive and upbeat front online. I do it on purpose. Most of the time it's just because I want to encourage others. Sometimes it's because I feel if I keep acting positive and happy I will be. This interview exposed some of my darker moments.

You can read that interview HERE.

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