Monday, November 24, 2014

The Final 4

Click HERE if you're looking for my "I Miss You" Blogfest post. 

We're down to the final 4 days of my kickstarter project. I'm so close to goal! I think it will hurt more now to not make it than if no one had pledged. Those people won't get anything if I don't reach my goal.

Maybe they were just pledging in support of me and really don't care about getting the book?

But what if they do?

They might have to wait a lot longer if I don't reach my goal. I think that bothers me more than anything. Part of me says, get hubby to edit it, format it yourself and get it out by Christmas. But the rational side of me says it will be better if I pay for those services. *sigh*

I will be patient!!

There are still four days for a miracle to happen. If you haven't pledged yet, take the time today to make a $12 pledge. That's the same as pre-ordering your print copy of FADE INTO ME. Then tell 2 or 3 friends about the book. Point them to my website where they can read the first two chapters.

And don't forget, everyone who pledges is entered into a giveaway of books! You can see which books HERE.

Click below to pledge now. There are many levels with rewards, OR you can click the green pledge button to set your own amount and choose from the available rewards covered by that amount. So, if you wanted to pledge $20 but only want an e copy of the book, you can do that!


  1. Everyone says the funding comes in the last couple days - it will happen!

  2. I totally pledged because I want the book! Crossing my fingers really hard in hopes you get there. And sharing.

    1. Thank you Patricia! You are so sweet, and I really hope to get it in your hands in Jan or Feb.

  3. Looks like you made it. Congratulations!


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