Tuesday, April 21, 2015

80s Movies R is for Red Dawn

Welcome to April and the Blogging A to Z Challenge! Here's a quick refresher of my theme and the "rules" I set for myself.
  • Science Fiction and/or Fantasy movies from the 1980's
  • A movie I watched when it came out (meaning when I was a kid)
We're back on track today. Actual 80s movies that I saw as a kid or youth. :)

Red Dawn (1984)

This one had several of my teen heartthrobs in it. I was only 10 when the movie came out, but by the time it came to TV I was old enough to be smitten with Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howell thanks to The Outsiders. This move was the ultimate U.S. pride, teen power, kick us but we'll kick back movie.

Robocop (1987)

I do remember watching this and enjoying it, but I don't remember details very well. Probably because I haven't seen it since it aired on TV for the first time.

Bonus from FADE INTO ME

Ryanne--How do I tell you about Ryanne? She broke my heart as I got to know her and her story. In the end, I really wanted her to find her own self-worth not connected to the love interest in the story. I hope I accomplished that. She's strong, broken, stubbornly independent and needy all at the same time. She was such a contradiction of traits that it took forever to figure her out. No wonder Caedan has trouble getting things right. :)

Here are two songs that perfectly sum her up. The first one is her thoughts of herself and the possible relationship with Caedan. It also hints at the magic in the book as well.

You Hear a Song by Cassadee Pope

The second song represents Caedan's thoughts while he watches her punish herself by pushing him away. Breaking Your Own Heart by Kelly Clarkson

My top choice to play Ryanne would be Jessie Cave from Harry Potter. This photo is exactly what I think Ryanne looks like, hair and all!

I also like Rachel Hurd-Wood.


  1. Red Dawn had every young star in it.
    The original Robocop was fun. And very gory.

    1. Speaking of gory...I found the most ridiculous B movie version of Sleeping Beauty on Netflix last night that had zombies in it. Lots of gore. Was actually pretty funny because it was so overdone while trying to be serious. Can't wait to show my kids! LOL.

  2. I saw the remake of Red Dawn and it was good. Not sure I'll see the original. I think Netflix has it. Probably won't see either Robocop. I remember seeing a gory picture of the original when I was little and it scared me, so I never wanted to watch it.

    1. Ooo, yes! Netflix does have the original. The original feels just as long as the remake, Russia instead of China, but pretty much the same idea.

      I generally don't like gore, but every once in a while I can't help but watch it. (see above) Perhaps it's the juxtaposition of really poor acting with the gore? I think Robocop was probably much better acted though.

  3. I never saw either of those. Which probably makes me unique among my generation.


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