Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Want to Pay it Forward by Judging a Contest?

UPDATE: I now have 6 volunteers! Thanks. This community is so wonderful! Everyone else will have to wait for next year. 

Last year I started my own short story contest for high school students. It was a lot of fun! Now that the anthology of twelve of the top stories is finished, I'm ready to start looking for the 2015 Judges. Judging will take place during the month of November. 

I'm looking for speculative fiction authors, any sub genre that fits under that umbrella. Here's what the job description entails:

1. Have time to read your batch of entries. For the first year we had about 30 pages each of reading. Hopefully, there will be more entries this year as the word spreads. I'll post a timeline when I send your batch of entries.

2. Write a few comments on each entry. Just a few sentences on what's working and what could be improved on. The goal of the comments is to be as positive and honest as possible while encouraging them to keep writing and growing.

3. Chose 4 to 5 entries from your batch as our semifinalists. This is all subjective, but choose the stories that grab your interest. Hopefully they are also the stories with good character and plot development.

4. Read the top 20 entries and choose your top 5.

5. Write comments for these top five. Maybe going into more detail, but not a full critique. Gear these comments toward helping the students edit their stories for the anthology.

6. Put your top 5 in order from 1st to 5th. I'll assign points to all judges choices. The story with the most collective points will be our winner!

It looks like a lot, but it will be spread over a month. During the contest your photo, bio and links to books and webpages will be up on Bold New Worlds. You'll also be listed in the 2015 BNW Anthology as a judge.

If you're interested shoot me an email. I'd like four judges to help me out this year.
charity.bradford @ 

In the meantime, everyone should check out the anthology from last year. All royalties from the sale of the book will go straight to the cash prizes for this year. The contest is free for the students, and I'd like to add to the cash pot as we get more and more entries. 

Buy print or for kindle on Amazon.

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  1. It was really fun last year! I'll mention that you are looking for judges in my post tomorrow.


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