Monday, June 29, 2015

Author Interview Karen Malena

I've got another author interview for you today.
Meet Karen Malena!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Karen Malena and the most unexpected thing happened on the way to this journey called life. I fulfilled a life-long dream of becoming an author!

I grew up in a close, Italian family in Western, Pennsylvania. The oldest of two children, our family is loud and fun, passionate and a little bit crazy. It was through my wonderful family, I would learn creativity, compassion, and the love of God.

You will find me curled up with a good book, actually re-reading my favorites several times through the years. I love to dabble in art, gardening, and crocheting, but nothing gives me passion as much as writing.

Working full time is a challenge when trying to pen my thoughts and stories. But as often as I can, you will see me at my keyboard or with and old-fashioned notebook in my hand, jotting down thoughts and ideas for the next chapter.

It is my deep desire to touch others through the subjects I write about. My blogs are little pockets of heartfelt stories about people who have touched my life. My books are about modern problems which many of us have gone through, or may be going through. At the center of my stories is always a message. A message of hope, faith, redemption and healing.

It wasn’t until recently that a story began taking hold of me. As a long time lover of science fiction stories, I wondered as I watched a family of four in a restaurant engrossed in their smart phones, I-pads and games, nobody speaking to one another, what a world without speech would be like. Little by little, images would come to me as the story played before me almost as if I was watching a movie. It would take me way out of my comfort zone, but the story “Sound of Silence” was born. Along with it, a good man, Ray Warren who speaks out in a moment of kindness and is condemned and must leave the family he loves to ensure their safety.

I realize sci-fi falls into two categories. Technology-driven plots and character-driven. As I’ve always been a lover of what makes people tick and what drives them in their beliefs, I chose the character type of plot.

“Sound of Silence” will be a three-part continuing serial making a complete book.

I hope people will come away from this first kindle installment scratching their head, wondering “What if?” It is my hope that we put away the electronic gadgets for a few precious hours or days and really get to know the human beings around us. We might learn a thing or two from them after all.

My books are “Shadow of My Father’s Secret,” “Reflections From My Mothers Kitchen: A Journey of Healing and Hope,” “Piggy,” and “Love Woven in Time: A Ligonier Golden Romance.” You’ll find all of my books on Amazon.

If you take the time to read my books and blogs, let me know if they reached out to you in a personal way.

You can find me at:
Amazon Author
Facebook for Piggy
Facebook Stories from the Heart

Sound of Silence
One small mistake . . . one dire consequence.

What would happen in a world without speech, a world where only electronic, texted conversing was permitted?

Ray Warren does the unthinkable. He seals his fate by speaking out in a moment of kindness in an era where speech has been outlawed. The year is 2050. Due to a lethal rise in terrorism and a powerful politician’s decree, officials now monitor all spoken and written communication. Military police exercise full control of any disobedience. Children born into the world are implanted with a special surgical chip which renders their vocal chords paralyzed. Ray, one good man, makes a bold gesture and in doing so, condemns himself and must leave the family he loves to ensure their safety.

In part one of Sound of Silence, a chilling new society is introduced leaving us with the question: What if?


  1. Thanks for being here today!

    I love your "what if" idea for Sound of Silence. It's scary how attached we are to our devices. There have been many times I've taken a car load of youth to a church dance. They don't talk, but text back and forth. Scary!

    1. Yes, this is what prompted me to think of a not-to-distant concept of nobody speaking. But once I had my villain for the story in my head, I realized he had a lot to do with speech being outlawed. Kind of a dictator type official.

  2. I am A2Z Roadrip and you were my next stop. Interesting blog you have!

  3. I like your message, Karen! And character driven science fiction - space opera - is what I write as well.

    1. Thank you, Alex! Glad to hear someone else writes this type of story. I keep fretting that I'm not technology driven, but I think any good story can hold it's own with some great characters, heroes, villains, and good storyline. Thank you for commenting and good luck on your own works.

  4. What an interesting concept. That's one thing that sci fi does best--takes something from our time and place and extrapolates it to an extreme. And makes us take a look at ourselves in the process.

    1. Ooh, Liz, I like the way you put that. And I love how you say "makes us take a look at ourselves" as that's what the whole idea is for my story. It's a three part continuing serial, but at the heart of it will be change. Thank you for commenting.

  5. Thank you kindly Charity for having me as a guest. And I'd like to thank those of you who took the time to comment on the blog!

  6. Yes, Charity, like the author of the piece I mentioned in MsLexia, I find Jung's understanding of the subconscious something that can help us all. Thank you so much for your visit.