Monday, August 17, 2015

There I Said It

My sweet hubby is taking this week off to help me unpack and turn this house into our home. In the meantime, here's another new song that I can't help but like. A Lot.

In the early days I was a big American Idol fan. One of the people I really enjoyed was Adam Lambert. He has a distinctive sound and he's full of personality. I loved that he made every song his own. He knew who he was and what kind of music he wanted to make. Through out the season he didn't compromise who he was. I loved it!

Adam even did a stint as Queen's lead singer. His latest album "The Original High" has this song on it that reminds me of the great ballads of the 80s, but with a twist. :)


  1. Hope you get everything unpacked this week.

  2. Love Adam Lambert. I too hope you got everything unpacked.

  3. Thanks guys! Unpacking is going to take a little longer this go around. Floor installation got bumped back to tomorrow because lowes sold us the wrong size hardy backer. Of course! The Good news is I've almost convinced my husband that we can install our own kitchen cabinets. 😎

  4. Good luck with the unpacking. That's always a challenge. Finding everything.