Friday, March 4, 2016

Surprises Are Good

I saved the best for last. This is because it still surprises me every time I listen to it.

My sweet daughter Ashlee has been struggling. She's a teen. Should be enough right? She's been in my thoughts and prayers constantly for the last six months. She's my top priority and life keeps making it hard to find a way to help her through her issues. However, then we have moments like this.

So beautiful. So much potential. This is her first ever solo performance.


  1. WOW!!! Congratulations Ashlee. A beautiful instrument of a a voice. Definitely nurture your talent and be confident in your abilities. I would love to hear more! Thanks for sharing Charity. You must be so proud!!

  2. I'm at work so I can't play the music, but she is beautiful.


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