Friday, April 15, 2016

#AtoZchallenge L is for Lunar Eclipse

Wow! I skipped L yesterday and went straight to M because I was so excited about Mars. Well, let's fix that today.

This year it's all about science!

L is for Lunar Eclipse--

Now, this is one phenomenon I have had the pleasure of observing. Most recently, my kids and I enjoyed one from the middle of the road in our neighborhood. Yep, that's where we had to go to get a clear, non-tree obstructed view of the eclipse. It was a bit chilly outside so we would look, run in for another half hour and then come back out. The eclipse took a LONG time, about 4 hours. We caught stages of most of it before calling it good. It was kind of funny with all seven of us standing in the street. I'm sure our neighbors thought we were crazy when they came out to walk their dog and found us in front of their house. :)

Here's a time lapse of the eclipse last April--Not the superman sadly. :)

Have you seen a lunar eclipse?

What is a Total Eclipse? This site has lots of great information. Just scroll and learn all kinds of neat things!

Click on the link to visit other participants in the A to Z Challenge. I'm currently #691


  1. I LOVE watching this kind of things with my kids--makes the vastness of the universe more real for them.
    Melanie Schulz from

  2. I've missed the last lunar eclipse. If I remember, it was cloudy out. =(

  3. Did you tell them what you were doing? They probably would have watched with you.

    The last lunar eclipse wasn't in a good spot for me. I would have had to also stand in the street to see it. Unfortunately, the street in question is two lanes both ways, and the freeway onramp is right there.

    (I was going to mention the skipping of the L, but thought better of it.)


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