Saturday, April 16, 2016

#AtoZchallenge N is for Names from Space

This year it's all about space!

N is for Names--
Have you ever noticed the wide variety of names in space? This fun video just highlights names in our own solar system.

What names outside our solar system do you just love?

Click on the link to visit other participants in the A to Z Challenge. I'm currently #691


  1. I love your webpage! Visiting from atoz

  2. You posts must be having an impact on me, Charity. I dreamt about outer space last night. I was glad to wake up and put my feet firmly on the ground again.

  3. Funny how Uranus came about. Yes, hours of amusement for young boys.
    I prefer when they get a name than just a number with some letters. That's lame.

  4. That was a pretty good video. I figured just the first thirty or so seconds; but, I watched it all. Visiting from A to Z. Cheers.

  5. I find the rules for naming various bodies interesting.


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