Monday, April 2, 2018

B is for Beautiful, Breaking Hearts and Benjamin

For the Blogging A to Z challenge, I'm sharing the music of my life. This simply means it has to be a song I chose to upload to my van. I tried to find videos without ads, but that's getting increasingly harder than ever before. :(

Yesterday you got two songs from one of my favorite bands--Breaking Benjamin. For a great B song from them, check out Better Days. Anyway, most people who know me would have no idea that I love this "American alternative metal" band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. What is it that I like? Hard to say exactly, but I think the super "nice" me that the world sees hides the darkness I deal with emotionally. That part of me connects with a lot of their songs. They are storytellers, sometimes you just have to get past the first primal scream of the song to get to it. Plus, for a metal band, they can get soft and tender with some of their songs and they can actually sing. Check out some of the acoustic versions! They are also great for running music--pounding drums and guitars can really help you move.
Up for preorder now.
Now, for today's song pics. Remember, I have a wide variety of stuff on my van--over 435 songs. It's hard to pick only one or two, but I'll try and give you that range this month.

Beautiful by Apocalyptica

Breaking Your Own Heart by Kelly Clarkson

B Artists in my Playlists:
Blake Shelton
Breaking Benjamin
Brett Young
Brothers Osborne
Bruno Mars

Tell me your favorite B song or artist.

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