Tuesday, April 3, 2018

C is for Come Alive and Comatose

For the Blogging A to Z challenge, I'm sharing the music of my life. This simply means it has to be a song I chose to upload to my van. I tried to find videos without ads, but that's getting increasingly harder than ever before. :(

I love showtimes and movie soundtracks too. This year's first favorite is from The Greatest Showman. It's been uploaded so here we go!

Come Alive from The Greatest Showman

My kids love the same music I do. It makes it easy to help decide what to listen to when driving around. And, I'm proud to say their tastes are as eclectic as mine. I was a bit surprised though when my eleven year old requested the next song. I'd loved it for a while, but he discovered Skillet while watching Halo videos.

Comatose by Skillet

C Artist on my Playlist:
Carly Pearce
Carrie Underwood
Cassidy Pope
Chris Young
Christina Aguilera
Christina Perri

What's your favorite C song or artist?


  1. Skillet's Comatose isn't bad. Of course, my first thought was Comatose by Ayreon.
    For C bands there's Corrosion of Conformity, Jerry Cantrell, Catherine Wheel, and Chevelle.

  2. lovin your theme. mine is elvis from a to z. my fave c artists are chris cornell, culture club, cyndi lauper, the cranberries, charlie rich

  3. I do want to see The Greatest Showman. Worth it?


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